Our Story

Our History. Our Values. Our Mission.

To experience the love of Jesus and give it away.

Our Core Values

Bible Based

We pursue every promise our Heavenly Father has for His sons and daughters while maintaining sound doctrine. We believe the Bible to be completely inerrant and totally relevant. We embrace God’s Word as the final authority in every area of our lives.


We choose to celebrate who people are without stumbling over who they are not. We welcome people regardless of race, religious background, financial status or personal struggles. Empowering both genders and every generation is a vital part of who we are.


We’ve made Jesus’ last command of multiplying disciples our first priority. Creating team environments of impartation and experimentation is how we move forward in every area of our ministry. We structure our culture around growth over control. Since we believe playing it safe is risky, we intentionally embrace creative innovation so that we can develop transformational leaders.

Kingdom Minded

We generously resource and aggressively partner with the whole Body of Christ in His family business. Bringing heaven to earth in every sector of society is part of our divine destiny. As we build with unity, integrity and excellence we honor God and inspire people.


We sacrificially serve others through courageous generosity with our time, talents, and treasures. Because love looks like something, we choose to boldly love the last, least and lost, with no personal agenda. Bringing Christ’s transforming love locally and globally is a part of our mission to reach the world.


We continue to become more like Christ as we stand on the legs of both purity and power. Growing in the fruit and gifts of the Holy Spirit is our passion. Hosting the presence of God through prayer and worship is what grows us deeper in our intimacy with Christ and wider in our impact in the world. Contending for more in private and taking risks in public is how we release heaven’s resources to a desperate world.

Interested in learning more about what we know the Bible says about God, His Word and our mission in life for Him? 

Where We’ve Come From

Our rich history as a movement has shaped our core values as a church. Elim Gospel Church was established in 1988 by Pastor Mike Cavanaugh as a community church with a vision to reach Livingston, Monroe and Ontario counties with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The birth of Elim Gospel Church is genetically related to the birth and vision of Elim Bible Institute & College and Elim Fellowship (a support organization for over 800 pastors and missionaries). In 2008, Pastor Joshua Finley became the Lead Pastor after serving as the Generations Pastor.

Our relationship with Elim Fellowship and Elim Bible Institute & College (EBI&C) gives us a unique opportunity to influence both present and future Christian leaders. Part of our calling is to be an example and model that Elim-related churches everywhere can look to and EBI&C students can learn from.