Lead Pastor Transition

After nearly a decade as Lead Pastor, Joshua Finley is transitioning leadership to Pastor Jared Ruddy.

The Timeline

Interested in how this came to be and where we’re going from here?

March-July 2017

Pastor Jared continues his training process while speaking on weekends at each location as well as attending regular staff and elder meetings.

June 11

Pastor Jared and Erin Meet & Greet at the Henrietta location

June 25

Pastor Jared and Erin Meet & Greet at the Lima location

July 13

Affirmation meeting acknowledging Pastor Jared as EGC’s new lead pastor (to be installed October 1, 2017).


Pastor Josh’s sabbatical leave

September 17

Pastor Josh preaches at EGC

October 1

Pastor Jared installed as new lead pastor

Prayer Focuses

EGC Elders & Staff

Let’s pray that our elders and staff will continue to operate with a spirit of wisdom and revelation as they help serve this healthy transition (Ephesians 1:17 NIV)

EGC Family

Let’s pray for a spirit of unity and a bond of peace as our spiritual family accelerates into the turn of transition and moves from “good to great”. (Psalm 133:1-3 NIV, Ephesians 4:3 NIV)

Ruddy Family

Let’s pray and thank God for the gift of a new, anointed and capable Lead Pastor! Let’s pray for Pastor Jared, Erin and Landon’s  honoring reception and full integration into our church family. (Ephesians 4:11-13 NIV)

Finley Family

Let’s pray for the Holy Spirit to continue to provide clarity and favor over Pastor Josh, Anna, Judah and Jesse as they obediently step into this brand new season of life and ministry. (Psalm 121:8 NIV)

Ask a Question

Frequently Asked Questions

What did the process for hiring Pastor Jared look like?

  • Pastor Jared was interviewed multiple times by pastoral and management staff [Pastor Doug, Pastor Eric and Janette Button] as well as by our entire EGC Council of Elders.
  • Over a period of five months our elders met, fasted, prayed and diligently sought the Lord for confirmation in Pastor Jared’s selection process.

What distinguishing factors led to Pastor Jared being selected as Pastor Josh’s successor?

  • Track record of biblical character & integrity.
  • Healthy marriage and family life.
  • World-class preaching and teaching gift.
  • Doctrinal orthodoxy and maturity.
  • Prophetic wisdom and discernment.
  • Organizational leadership capacity.
  • Strong value for global missions.
  • Philosophy of ministry for evangelism, discipleship, small groups, leadership development, multi-site and church planting.
  • Ministry experience in a church of EGCs size.

What are Pastor Josh and Anna doing next?

  • Pastor Josh and Anna are prayerfully considering some new open doors in ministry. They are waiting on the Lord for some final confirmation and clarity as to which direction to move and where to plant their family. They know that the Lord has called them to increased travel to the nations and strengthening pastors and churches around the nation.
  • Pastor Josh & Anna will be connecting with new streams of ministry but remaining vitally connected to our Elim Family. Pastor Josh will be keeping his Elim ordination credentials as well as remaining on the Elim Fellowship Council of Elders.

After Pastor Jared is installed what will Pastor Josh’s role look like?

  • Pastors Josh and Pastor Jared have an excellent working and a personal relationship that far preceded this leadership transition.
  • Pastor Jared and our EGC Elders have asked Pastor Josh to continue coaching Pastor Jared for at least the first two years of this new pastoral season.

When will I get to meet Pastor Jared?

Pastor Jared will begin serving on staff in a part-time capacity starting in March 2017. He will be visible and accessible at each location’s New Here area throughout the spring and summer. Pastor Jared & Erin are very excited to meet you and eager to become deeply planted within our EGC community and family.

What kind of changes should I prepare for?

Pastor Jared plans to primarily have a “look, listen, and learn” posture for his first several months on staff. He is a bold leader and will, no doubt in time, bring his own flavor to the EGC culture, but his first season of leadership will not be a season of quick and dramatic change.

How does EGC plan to proceed during this transition of leadership?

In our 29 year history, God has gifted our church family with a unique ability to navigate senior leader transitions, especially when it comes to embracing the next generation of leadership. Nearly all of our pastoral, operational, and ministerial staff will remain in their current roles as they help stabilize this transition. We also have great confidence in you, our church family, to prayerfully support and practically serve this healthy leadership transition.

What will happen to our multi-site strategy?

Continuing to move forward with our 2020 vision and multi-site strategy is something that Pastor Jared deeply believes in. His leadership will continue to nurture, develop and expand each of our current locations.

What about our partnership with missionaries and missions organizations across the globe?

Pastor Jared has a vast amount of global missions experience. He has a fiery passion to uphold our long-held and distinctive value for world missions.

What if I want to become a member at EGC so I can be more a part of this process?

Please do! We would love you to “lean in” during this time of transition. This is a time of celebration, growth and forward momentum. We would love your voice and presence in the mix during this special time in our church’s history. Visit our website  or stop by Next Steps at either of our locations to find out about the next “Engage Night” event.

What can I personally do to help support this pastoral transition?

  • Take time to personally hear from the Lord about this season of transition. As you honestly process the feelings in your soul, allow Jesus to speak to your spirit as it takes the lead. Jesus promises that as a Good Shepherd His sheep hear and know His voice. (John 10:27)
  • “Lean in”. Intentionally get or stay engaged in serving, bonding, caring, giving, and spiritual growing with others in our church family as well as reaching out to share the love of Jesus.
  • Extend grace & honor to Pastor Jared, Erin and Landon and welcome them.
  • Pray. Lift up our elders, staff, church family, the Ruddy family and the Finley family.

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